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Warning! KidxCrona! Dun like? Don't read!
{This takes place in ep. 31 at the party}

(Kid's P.O.V.)

I think I'm messed up. I sighed to myself. Other than the fact I was completely unsymmetrical, I had another problem. This particular problem had soft pink hair, a long black robe, and was a nervous wreck among all other things. This problem was Crona.

Ever since my father decided Crona should go to Shibushen, I've had my mind on them 24/7. Well, Crona is just...mysterious. You never know what's going on in their head. And I think I like that.

No...I would always tell myself. Crona is just a friend. Ha, the worst lie I could ever tell myself. I believe there is something more. Crona seems...almost calm and relaxed around me, unlike when their with some of the others.

Over all this time, I really can't deny the fact that I have fallen for said individual. The only problem is, I have no clue what gender they are.

So, in my current state, I have no idea if this means I'm gay or what. But, even if Crona IS a boy, I have a weird feeling that I would still see them the way I do right now.

"Hey, kid." Soul's voice clouded my thoughts and I turned around.
"Oh, hey Soul!" I tried to sound cheerful. He looked at me oddly.
"Is everything cool, Kid? You looked a little..." Soul tried to search for the right word. "Uhh, off."

I thought for a moment. Maybe I could tell Soul about my mixed feelings. He might know what gender Crona is, considering his Meister, Maka, is Crona's best friend.

"Well, Soul..." I started. "There is something that has been troubling me." Soul turned his head to look at me, and then, at that moment, it all burst out. Everything.
"...And I have no clue what to do about it! As the weapon of his or her best friend, do you think you could help me with Crona?"

Soul's eyes were wide, as he tried to comprehend everything I had just told him. He took a deep breath, then let it out. "Heh, a cool guy like me is sure to help."
I smiled and gave him my thanks.

He smiled, but then quickly looked confused. "Wait, why didn't you tell Maka all this? She IS Crona's best friend."
I rolled my eyes at his remark.
"Soul, Maka is a girl, right? Girls tell their best friends everything. I should know, I live with two." I replied, referring to my weapons, Liz and Patty.

Soul gave up his confused look and laughed. "I suppose your right. Now, what are we gonna do..." Soul got lost in his thoughts.
He snapped his fingers. "Aha! First, we should find out what gender Crona is..." He started. "Maka could help us with that."

"Help you with what?" piped a female voice behind Soul.
"Oh, hey Maka." I greeted. "Soul was wondering if you could help settle a bet between him and Black Star." I stated, calm and collective.
Maka nodded.

"Would you happen to know what gender Crona is?"
Maka turned her smile into a puzzled look.

"Crona? He's a boy!" she turned to Soul. "And which one of you thought otherwise?"
Soul cleared his throat, then stated, "I did. I mean, c'mon! The dude has shoulder-length pink hair AND wears a dress!"

I was shocked. If I were in that situation, I would have definitely pinned it on Black Star. Soul had just gone into the doghouse...for me.
I smiled at him. He winked back while Maka started ranting to him about how to not judge by one's appearance, and when he spit back, he got Maka-chopped.

Now, before I get more involved with that, I have to go find Crona. I know he likes to be in corners, but when I checked every last one (in a symmetrical order, of course) I gave up. Well, until I remembered Ragnarok's (Crona's weapon) appetite.

I ran over to the sampler table, and sure enough, Ragnarok was stuffing his face while preventing Crona from getting any. "Ragnarok!" he shouted. "Stop it! It's not nice! I wanna eat too..."

"Well that's not gonna happen if you keep whining about it!" The demon sword spat back at his Meister.

I walked up to them. "I think you've had enough, Ragnarok."
The weapon looked up at me, appalled. "What?! Who are you to decide when I stop eating, reaper-boy?"

I glared at the feisty weapon. "At least let your Meister have some! Look how hungry he looks!"
Ragnarok stopped stuffing his face for a moment to glance at Crona.

"So, what? The boy get food on his own!"
I was about to let the greedy sword have it, but Crona spoke before I had a chance.

"That's it Ragnarok! You can bully me all you want, but don't be mean to my friends!" Crona growled.
The demon-swordsman got the weapon to go back into his body without another word.

I was stunned. Crona never showed that much aggressiveness before. The boy look up at me. "I-I'm sorry about that." he said, while blushing a deep crimson. I was removed from my state of amazement by the other boy's sweet voice.

A smile spread on my face, and while now my cheeks were turning a bright red, I replied, "Don't sweat it. I was just trying to make sure that you actually got something to eat, that is, before Ragnarok devoured that whole table!"

Crona chuckled softly, then looked up at me, his cheeks still growing a deeper shade of red. "th-Thanks, Kid..."
We both smiled, still staring at each other, when suddenly, Ragnarok popped out from Crona's back again and pushed the Meister towards me until our lips met.

Both of our eyes were wide open, staring into the other's, but our lips did not break apart. In fact, before I even realized what I was doing, my right arm snaked around Crona's waist, pulling him closer, while I wrapped my other arm around his shoulder.

Crona closed his eyes, and placed both hands gently around my neck. We stayed like this for a little longer, until we heard someone's voice.

"Ahem!" We opened our eyes and broke our kiss, only to find out the one watching was Crona's weapon. "If you two are gonna keep doing this i'm going back inside."
And with that, Ragnarok disappeared. Crona and I looked back at each other, both of our cheeks still somehow turning more red.

Crona gave me a crooked smile, making me realize that our arms were still around each other. I pulled my arms back to my sides, as did he. "Oh, um..sorry about t-that." I stammered.

Crona giggled, "R-really? I thought you were enjoying y-yourself."
I laughed as well.
"Well, I was. But that wasn't what I was apologizing for."

Crona looked at me confused. "That what were you-"

He was broken off by me re-attaching our lips. I could tell this time he felt faint.

We broke apart, and then I whispered in his ear, "...That we had to stop so soon."

This is a KidxCrona oneshot. ^^

Yes, I believe that Crona is a guy. You guys can think whatever you want though.

And yes, KidxCrona! I love that pairing, no clue why, but I just do <333

I know you guys were expecting chapters to my fan-fics that I never finished; those will be coming up soon!

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If Crona is a boy, then I support Yaoi! KIDxCRONA FOREVER! >:D
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